Coalessence: Community Ecstatic Dance

May 20, 2018 - 10:00am

Coalessence Dance Mission: To Inspire dynamic dance journeys - sometime edgy, sometimes easy, always heart-centered  -  which celebrate and explore movement, connection, and authentic expression guided by rich, diverse, soundscapes.


Housekeeping: Guidelines and Thank You

Dear Dancers


Thank you for being such a wonderful community of awareness and exploration.  We so enjoy the ways you show up!


First off, there are some guidelines that we want to be sure everyone is aware of, for all of our dancing safety and pleasure:


Shoes - in general we prefer that you dance barefoot, but if you must/want to wear shoes for support etc. they must be soft soled shoes that do not risk hurting other dancers or the dance floor.


Shirts - everybody, regardless of gender, is required to wear a top that covers at least their nipples while dancing at Coalessence.  It is important to us to have a gender neutral policy on this issue, and this feels like the safest place for the time being. 


Noisemakers - please do not use noisemakers of any kind, including instruments, at Coalessence, unless you have been specifically contracted by a facilitator to do so.  This includes rattles, bells, ankle bracelets, etc.  The soundscape is a very intentional piece of Coalessence, thank you for respecting this.


AND, a note of gratitude:  Things have been going much better at the Vet's Club, as far as us making space for the dance that comes after and others who use the building.  Let us not become lax as a result, but we wanted to thank you all for being so responsive.  You rock!  We rock!  Let the dance go on!


In gratitide and joy,

the Coalessence facilitating team,

Grace, Paul, Oblio, Zan 


Between what we have come to know and what we may come to know...

...touch this moment,

these sounds, sights, sensations,

these motions and emotions;

touch the earth and the sky,


repeat :)


Paul Deering, Gus Russell and Shawn Murphy with music

Jonathan Stemer creating the altar,

Olive Del Sol at the door,

and Natalie Stameroff as greeter.

Thanks team!


  • Sundays at The WOW Hall 10 am -Noon
  • Tuesdays at The Vet's Club Main Ballroom 6 pm -7:45 pm
  • Sliding Scale Exchange $8-$12, cash or check please. First time is free! 
  • Senior discount (60+) is half price
  • Under 18 accompanied by adult free, under 18 coming alone 1/2 price.
  • Work trade available for 2 free dances greeting or altar creating. SIGN UP!


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Our mailing address is:

Coalessence Ecstatic Dance Eugene

1160 Almaden Street

Eugene, OR 97402


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