SHOW CANCELED: Sweater For An Astronaut Album Release, Only Nightmares, New World Sinner, Othrys

Event Date/Doors Open: 
Saturday, July 18, 2020 - 7:30pm
Event Time: 
$10 Advance, $12 Day of Show

On Saturday, July 18, Eugene’s Sweater For An Astronaut hosts an EP Release Party for Corduroy Rocketship with special guests Only Nightmares, New World Sinner and Othrys. 

Colton Williams and Chris Phillips, two founding members of the band Northwest Royale. Are Sweater For An Astronaut.  Chris and Colton have been playing together since October 1992 -- nearly 28 years now.   Over those years they have completed about a dozen recording projects and done countless tours.

“So much living in a van together,” recalls Chris.

The new release is yet another EP, christened Corduroy Rocketship, and it has four new songs on it.

“We both share all of the writing and arranging of the songs,” states Chris.  “All of the guitar parts are written by Colton as well as 90% of the lyrics. Colton plays guitar and vocals and I (Chris) play drums.  We recorded this EP as well as the last one (State Of The Dark) -- which came out April 2019 -- at HouseDARK Studios with Engineer Jake LaRoche.”

The EP will be available at the show as well as all online formats (ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and pretty much any other online place you can think of).

“We would love to thank Jake LaRoche at HouseDARK for taking the time to make our sound translate to the people,” Chris continues.  “We want to also thank our friends and families for always supporting us over the years of trials and tribulations. And I think most of all thank each other for always being there for each other.  Even when times were really rough, our friendship has prevailed. We also want to thank Othrys, New World Sinner and Only Nightmares for jumping on this show with us to make it an incredible night.

“The WOW Hall is historic and we have had some of the best shows of our lives there over the last 25 years. We wanted all of our friends and their families to be able to enjoy the show and since the WOW is all ages it only seemed appropriate.  We want to say thank you to all of the volunteers that keep the WOW Hall going for all of their continued hard work.  Thank you to Lori for allowing this show to happen and Bob and Danette for all of the inside work that goes into a production that nobody ever sees.”




Eugene’s Only Nightmares is a FIVE-Piece, heavy metal band, plain and simple.  With ground-stomping riffs, thunderous drumming, classic NWOBHM melodies, slippery solos and vocals as versatile as their music.  Combine these thing's and they are sure to devastate you live or recorded.

Only Nightmares plays heavy metal the way it should be played: raw, emotional, unhinged and aggressive with a sampling of all the things a human should think of when they hear the phrase, 'heavy metal'.




New World Sinner is a brutal American metal band risen from the ashes or the Eugene metal scene. 

This old school metal influenced band has been hitting the scene since February of 2008.  NWS brings the thunderous sound that has been brought by such acts as Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, ect... with the new sounds of such acts as Lamb of God, Chimair, and All Shall Perish, just to name a few.

If you are looking for a killer live performance full of energy, then NWS is the band to see.

New World Sinner was formed February of 2008 and, after a lot of lineup changes, settled into their current skins Boots – vox; Lacy Hepner – bass; Shane Hepner - drums, Brian Brown - lead guitar, backing vox, and Raymond Best - rhythm guitar.  Even with constant lineup changes and a 6+ year hiatus, New World Sinner has still managed to produce a first EP titled E.P. 1.0 in the spring of 2009, and released their 2nd EP 2.0 in September of 2011.  NWS has been featured in several comps, radio shows, and podcasts all over the world.




Othrys, a melodic heavy metal band from Portland, was formed in 2010 by long time collaborators James Weaver (former Our own Blood) and Sebastian Phoenix (former Dark Cloud 9 and Kingdom Under Fire).  With Luke Martyn (Kingdom Under Fire) joining the family in 2016 and Tobby Lugo (former We Have Guns and current Toxic Zombie & Henrys Child) solidifying the drums and the line up in 2018.

Doors open at 7:30 pm and showtime is 8:00.  Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show.