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CCPA/WOW Hall Board of Directors Meeting

September 28, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m. – 

Zoom Meeting



  1. Meeting called to order

  2. Board member absentee vote

  3. Schedule next board meeting

  4. Public Input (15 minutes)

  5. Review of Voting Process (10 minutes)

  6. Facilitation for Annual Membership Meeting Part 2

  7. Set date for Annual Membership Meeting Part 2 – BOD Vote (5 minutes)

  8. Meeting Adjourned 6:30 p.m.


The WOW Hall Notes for September are now available online.


Want more CDs?  We’ve got them.  John Perrine, lately of Portland , has donated his large and very impressive CD collection to the  WOW Hall.  These CD’s are now being offered for sale online at

New items are being added every week.  Plus, if you are in Eugene area & you buy one of Tom's own listings he will be donating 10% of profits for those items.

Thank you John for the generous donation and thank you Tom for hosting the online sale.  You Rock!


The WOW Hall is temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19 & gathering ban.  Stay safe and well.  

You can donate to the CCPA and avoid merchant fees by mailing a check to:

Community Center for the Performing Arts / WOW Hall

291 W 8th Ave.

Eugene OR 97401


- You can always find the cheapest tickets at the WOW Hall.  No service charge for CCPA productions; $1 for rentals.  Additional $1 service charge on all phone orders.  The Box Office is currently closed; you can leave a message at 541-687-2746.  To buy tickets online, go to (Ticketweb service charges apply).

 - BRING THE KIDS: The WOW Hall is open for all ages, all the time.  For most CCPA productions, children 6 through 11 are half-price at the door and ages five and under are free (when accompanied by parent or adult guardian).  For information on specific shows, please call the WOW Hall office at 541-687-2746.

The WOW Hall is owned and operated by the Community Center for the Performing Arts, a membership-based 501c3 arts organization.  Tax deductible memberships are on a sliding scale.  JOIN NOW.