WOW Tales: 310babii

310babii, with Dstew & Atah, Sway, Yes Yes, Smooth, Aveboi

Saturday, June 15, 2024


Live entertainment can be really difficult to predict. We have an approach to promotion of shows in the lead-up to the event to spread the word, and sometimes one show has amazing turnout and ticket sales, and another seemingly similar show that should do well is a struggle to get people to attend. This show was the latter — we sweated out getting enough people to the WOW Hall for a show that at least on paper should draw crowds similar to some of our other recent hip hop sets.

Perhaps it was timing, after all this was the weekend immediately following graduation for the high school and college crowd, so perhaps people were planning trips out of town. Thankfully we got a decent walk-up crowd, but sadly for some of our openers let’s just say there was ample elbow room on the WOW Hall floor. The same is very true for our headliner, 310babii, an up-and-coming rapper out of L.A. with a huge online following and a hit song (“Soak City”) who just graduated from high school a couple days before showtime at the WOW Hall.

The music started promptly around 7 with a rotation of regional rappers and DJs keeping the crowd pumped for the evening. Opening acts included Sway, Yes Yes, Aveboi, Smooth, and Dstew & Atah. As the night rolled on the crowd started to fill out right before 310babii’s headlining set, which was great to have an enthused crowd for a high-energy show. One of the biggest reactions from the crowd came during Sway’s set when several female audience members were invited up on stage for a booty-shakin’ dance-off. Once 310babii got on stage the crowd seemed hyped and were into it, alleviating some concerns, though not the crowd we had hoped. Win some lose some I guess. Still, 310babii seemed to enjoy the trip to Oregon, and enough people in the crowd seemed to know the songs and were into it. In the spirit of 310babii’s waterpark themed music video there were even some beach balls brought by the performers that got tossed around the crowd for much of the night.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the WOW Hall, and we’ll see you at the next one!



WOW Hall Marketing Director

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