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Common Girl, Rhododendron, Twistur, Swing, Senza

July 26 at 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

On Friday, July 26th the Community Center for the Performing Arts proudly welcomes Common Girl, Rhododendron, Twistur, Swing, and Senza to the WOW Hall.

Common Girl

Common Girl is a tinnitus inducing quartet from Portland, Oregon, pulling from a myriad of influences to create their own brand of shoegaze.




Rhododendron is a band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in early 2019, they take sonic cues from old-school math rock and post-hardcore as well as a healthy dose of post-rock, drone, jazz and whatever music they might be listening to that day.

They have spent the last five years dialing in a sound that is both a reflection of this wide array of music, while also being entirely their own. The music is dense, technical and dynamic, relying on Gage Walker’s dexterous bass lines, Ezra Chong’s noisy, effects-laden guitar and occasional shrieks, and Noah Mortola’s relentless drumming to get their point across.

The band has released both an EP and LP and have been hard at work preparing their sophomore full-length record that is slated to be released in 2024.




Twistur is a three piece band from and currently based in Portland, Oregon. With each member’s unique approach toward their instrument and songwriting came a musical dynamic that naturally pushes their music’s boundaries. The mixture of bassist Carson Nitta and drummer Gabriel Rosenfield creates a rhythmically connected and supporting backing for singer and guitarist Santino Olguin-Vazquez’ familiar yet distinctive songwriting. During the end of their quarantined senior year, Twistur released their debut EP ‘Illgetimo’. The next musical progression included poet Fariah Muhammad supplying vocals for their singles ‘Ebony’ and ‘Truth’, as well as Saxophonist Rij Dorfman on their single ‘Reno’. Throughout this time the band began workshopping for their debut album. After recording at The Unknown in Anacortes, Washington (Phil Elvrum/Nich Wilbur) and having Jack Shirely (Deafheaven/Nuvolascura/Alien Boy) mix and master their record, ‘Blend into new’ was released.




 Swing is a three piece from Eugene, Oregon.




Quietly knelt in the pacific northwest gathering blazing celestial energy


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