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Cancelled Dance Empowered with Cynthia Valentine

September 6 at 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


The mission of Dance Empowered is to create an inclusive, community-oriented, dance experience for the purpose of mutual upliftment, movement of stagnant energy and stress, and fearless engagement in emotional expression through dance. Dance ability is NOT a requirement. The full throttle approach to each and every class sets an electrifying tone that keeps the class celebratory and full of exhilaration. Each class and the remarkable (and huge!) community of dancers who come are heart-forward and the experience is designed to inspire freedom, radical self-acceptance, and EMPOWERMENT.

Dancers are encouraged to join the choreography with a “you do you” mentality bringing their own flair and feeling to the moves. The music and the movements are powerful, emotive, sexy, explosive, and inspiring. Each song has been carefully selected to be evocative and get the group to FEEL into the movements in lieu of executing each step “perfectly”. People often report experiencing incredible emotional and cathartic experiences.

THIS IS A SAFE SPACE. Dancers are encouraged to express themselves freely without threat of emotionality or sexuality being co-opted, exploited, or consumed by anyone else in the room. The power of your life force energy is for YOU to enjoy. This is about experience and NOT performance.

I encourage a “don’t hold back” policy and dancers regularly jump on stage to join me in leading the choreography. While the class ranges in intensity, dancers are encourage to take breaks and pace themselves in whatever way feels right for them. You are encouraged to bring water, wear sneakers with low tread on the soles, and be prepared to sweat and smile your face off.




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