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Mommy, Marble, and GrrlBand

September 15, 2023 at 8:00 pm

On Friday, September 15th, the Community Center for the Performing Arts proudly welcomes Mommy, Marble, and GrrlBand to the WOW Hall.


From humble beginnings in the basement of Hamilton Hall in 2020, Mommy has grown to become a consistent presence in the local music scene. Since their inception, the band consisting exclusively of UO students, has played dozens of shows at house parties, bars, music venues, and chapter houses among other places across the great city of Eugene. In the early days of performing, Mommy learned from opening for some of the best bands in the circuit (Shoutout Gentlebeing, Left on Read, & Common Koi!) and has now gone on to headline DIY shows for crowds of up to 2000+ people. Performing exclusively original music, the group broke into the world of online streaming with the March 2023 release of their debut single “Heatwave”.


Slow-falling through a decade of futile relationships, unstable living conditions, and hollow acts of self preservation, songwriter and guitarist, Chantel Bailey stumbled out of the shadows and into her own with nothing but a handful of honest, autobiographical songs and open hands to the great unknown. In 2016, she met Matthew Blount, a closeted guitarist for over a decade, and the missing thread. Within the paper thin bleached walls of a northwest apartment dusted by the cold salt spray of the Pacific Ocean, the band MARBLE was born. 

Since their founding in late 2016, MARBLE has transformed. In the pursuit of radical honesty, songs were written, performed, recorded, and tossed; appreciated as a stepping stone, then outgrown. Years of emotional deep dives, spiritual deconstruction and reconstruction, and bold illuminations of the shadows past and within has enabled MARBLE to draw from a deepening well of expression. 

MARBLE is, in one word, a mood. You don’t need to know the lyrics to know how you feel; enraptured in the strength / fragility of Bailey’s voice, unfolding under layers of melancholy melodies, captivated in the story as Blount’s iconic ambient guitar lines live fiercely in the noise and die delicately in the quiet.

With persistent descent into introspection and band collaboration with a rotating cast of drummers and bassists, MARBLE’s songwriting has matured. Their premier single release, and the first in a series of scheduled releases in 2020,“i become a ghost”, is a call to sit with yourself in the darkness, allow it to engulf you, and honour your humanity in the very feeling and passing of it. 

Examining themes of mental health and spiritual dissonance, ‘i become a ghost’ will leave you in a trance, floating atop cathartic gloom poetry and weighted by visceral, mood-driven chord progressions and distinctive voicings. 


GrrlBand, colloquially known as the scream queens of Eugene is a five-piece rock band combining post punk, rock, grunge, with a whimsical female empowerment flare. As young aspiring women in music, we have become passionate about female empowerment in a primarily male dominated scene. And of course, we just like to play good music. Our crew is composed of Claudia Santino on vocals, Camy Corcoran and Kayla Krueger on guitar, Codi Farmer on bass, and Louise Jones on drums. Throughout our time in Eugene, we have grown tremendously as a band, but also as a group of best friends that love good music. We’ve worked with many other creative visionaries in the Eugene area, helping uplift other artists. Our debut single “Resurrection” is available now on all streaming platforms.

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