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WOW Hall Sweetheart Dance

February 16 at 8:00 pm

On Friday, February 16th the Community Center for the Performing Arts proudly hosts the second annual Sweethearts Dance, featuring GrrlBand, Growing Pains, Jakki and the Pink Smudge, Mothra, and Bowlpeace.

Come one, come all! Grab a date and head to the Hall! 

Everyone is welcome to attend our rocking sock hop, featuring refreshments, a photo booth, and company that you’ll remember for years to come. Formal attire is highly encouraged!


GrrlBand, colloquially known as the Scream Queens of Eugene. GrrlBand is a five-piece rock band combining post-punk, rock, and grunge, with a whimsical female empowerment flare. As young women in music, we have become passionate about female empowerment in a primarily male-dominated scene. And of course, we just like to play good music. Our crew is composed of Claudia Santino on vocals, Camy Corcoran and Kayla Krueger on guitar, Codi Farmer on bass, and Louise Jones on drums. Throughout our time in Eugene, Oregon, we have grown tremendously as a band. But we are also a group of best friends that love good music.

Growing Pains

Growing Pains is Kalia Storer (bass/vocals), Carl Taylor (guitar), Jack Havrilla (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Kraft (drums).The members met each other playing covers at the School of Rock in Portland, Oregon when they were 16 and 17; six months later, they were trying out their own material at Portland all-ages mecca Black Water and in basements around the city, quickly turning heads at early shows that, according to more than a few of those in attendance, sounded like “if Mazzy Star were an emo band.” Lesser bands might have been content to stop there, but not Growing Pains. 18 months of house shows and opening slots for buzzing national acts like awakebutstillinbed, Diners and Macseal helped the young act sharpen a sound that could only have emerged from the post-mordial soup of internet-era rock. Sure—listen for the past, and you’ll hear the orchestrated chaos of My Bloody Valentine; the instrumental pyrotechnics and compositional sleights-of-hand that unite Smashing Pumpkins with the mathier end of emo; the patient kookiness common to 80s and 90s dream pop acts and their slowcore contemporaries. But Heaven Spots is no jaded nostalgia revue. It’s an undeniably contemporary record made by people who listen too widely to suffer from the anxiety of specific influences.

Jakki and the Pink Smudge

Jakki and the Pink Smudge, lovingly referred to as “Smudge,” is an indie-rock firecracker making waves in the local Portland, OR music scene. The band’s multifacetedness has cultivated a strong presence in the Portland, Los Angeles, and Houston music scenes, playing alongside artists such as Mavi, The Aquadolls, and Never Ending Fall. The band gets its charming name from the inevitable smudging of Jakki’s lipstick while performing. With every smear, Jakki and The Pink Smudge continues to complement a wide range of musicians while bringing their own distinctive, moving, and peachy sound.

Smudge has always been known for its ever-evolving backup band for live performances. These ensembles have been comprised of musicians hand-picked from various bands within the local music scene of each show’s location. The practice of adapting their set with each unique combination of artists has allowed their music to evolve constantly, fostering a spirit of creativity and playfulness. However, for the first time in Smudge history, we now have a permanent backing band containing Calleb Ballard (guitar), Oliver Lester (bass), and Charlie Oakes (drums). The band is profoundly grateful for the years of exploration and excited to embark on this next season of Smudge.


Introducing Mothra, a dynamic four-piece punk and indie rock ensemble that delivers a powerful, emotional sound straight from the core. Fuelled by raw, unfiltered emotions and the turbulence of inner turmoil, Mothra’s music resonates deeply with listeners, evoking a cathartic experience with every note. Led by a commanding, feminine voice that pierces through the chaos, Mothra fearlessly channels their feelings into their music, creating an authentic and moving sonic landscape. With each performance, Mothra invites audiences to embrace vulnerability and confront their own emotions, forging a connection that transcends the stage. Get ready to be swept away by the raw energy and emotional intensity of Mothra.


Eugene’s premier heartthrobs will pull you in with their high-energy stage antics and keep you watching with their impressive musicianship and catchy, yet dreamy songwriting. Their sound is inspired by the modern indie tones of Alvvays and Snail Mail, but Bowl Peace certainly isn’t afraid to get a little goofy. The recent demo release, “Coconaut,” is written from the perspective of a surfer who wants to be an astronaut; the song has quickly become a backyard classic. Their upcoming EP, titled “Smoking in Bed,” explores the interpersonal woes of young adulthood and is a celebration of stoner culture.

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