NOTICE: WOW Hall Mask Policy

We are ever mindful that we live in unprecedented times. We strongly encourage individuals to assess their own health risks when attending public events and offer free KN95 masks upon request.

We may receive notice from performers, from time to time, that they require proof of vaccination or a negative test from a source other than a home test.   We will keep the public appraised of any of these requests.

Click Here for CCPA COVID-19 policy

House Rules

House Rules:

Welcome to the WOW Hall.

As our guest, please respect the house and ensure the safety and comfort of those around you by observing the following house rules. 

Patrons will be denied entry or will be escorted out of the venue without refund of ticket if the following is observed:

  • Smoking in non-designated areas
  • Possession of illegal substances
  • Possession of any type of weapon
  • Possession or use of false identification
  • Possession of permanent marker or paint of any kind without prior authorization
  • Cursing or verbal harassment towards other patrons, volunteers or staff
  • Any form of physical harassment
  • Inconsiderate behavior towards other patrons, volunteers or staff
  • Intoxication  
  • Consumption of any alcoholic beverage not purchased on the premises
  • Willful damage of property
  • Violence of any kind
  • Minor in possession or consumption of alcohol

Photo policy:

No flash

No professional cameras without prior authorization

Audio and Video recording policy:

No audio or video recording allowed without prior authorization

Re-entry policy:

We try to allow re-entry to all of our shows but for some shows we need to charge a re-entry fee or have no re-entry at all.  Please be aware that this is based on the security needs of the show.


We have a volunteer staff to perform basic security on most events.

On potentially high-risk security nights we hire an outside security company to provide a safer environment.

At some events be prepared to be frisked and/or have your bag checked at the door.

If you have any problems at all throughout the event please ask to talk to the house manager.


Lost & Found:

All lost items are to be turned in at the WOW Hall office.  Items are held for 30 days and can be reclaimed during office hours.


Thank you for your help in keeping the WOW Hall a safe and fun place for everyone. Enjoy the show!


Yours truly,

WOW Hall Management