Our Strategic Framework

Vision Statement (Where we are going)

  • The WOW Hall; a beloved historical legacy with contemporary relevance, shines as a vital performing arts community center with diverse offerings serving Eugene and beyond.

Mission Statement (What we do)

  • Preserving and operating the historic Woodmen of the World (WOW) Hall as a multipurpose community center.
  • Providing cultural arts and educational opportunities for all ages and income levels.
  • Maintaining a supportive environment for local artists and their new creative efforts.

(Over time this is revisited by organizations to refine and reaffirm an organization’s purpose)

Core Values; What We Believe

We believe:

  • In a shared sense of community
  • As humans we thrive, and we can do great things together when we collaborate and connect with each other
  • In the love of building community
  • That working together builds trust
  • When we are unified, we serve the community
  • In a shared a common vision and accept different ways of achieving it (everyone has something to offer)

Strategic Goals Guide Us

The overarching organizational goal is ongoing sustainability and to enhance community engagement and outreach to underserved populations.

  1. Continue to build the organizational capacity
  2. Maintain, preserve and celebrate the historic nature of the WOW Hall
  3. Develop increased educational opportunities and programming for underserved groups including youth, elderly, and marginalized communities
  4. Strengthen our board, volunteers, and staff to include more diverse representation
  5. Create more revenue-generating programming and performances
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