WOW Tales: WOW Hall Volunteer Open Mic Night

Saturday, June 29, 2024

WOW Hall Volunteer Open Mic Night


The acts that grace the WOW Hall stage every month are incredible talents, but it turns out the folks behind the scenes making our shows possible have some amazing talents of their own. On Saturday, June 29, the WOW Hall turned its spotlight on its many volunteers who make our events possible to showcase their talents at a private invite-only event for volunteers, friends, and family.

This annual event gives our volunteers a chance to show off their musical talents among friends on the WOW Hall stage. With snacks and drinks aplenty Many played guitar, both covers and originals, while others took a more unorthodox approach such as beatboxing and reciting poetry, atmospheric synth keyboard mixes, and even a karaoke-esque rendition of the viral parody video of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” that was hilariously changed to “I can only count to four” by Psychostick.


For some of our incredible volunteers this was their very first time performing in front of an audience, while others are seasoned veterans of the stage but continue to support the WOW Hall for their genuine love of the arts. Hosted by the WOW Hall’s Volunteer Coordinator Brooke, volunteers who signed up for a slot were granted 10 minutes to perform whatever they wished. Ages ranged as young as eight-years-old for our volunteers who took to the stage.

While the WOW Hall does retain a small but intrepid paid staff, none of our events for the past 50 years would be possible without a large collection of dedicated volunteers. From security to

tickets to merch to sound and lighting — volunteers are what make every night at the WOW Hall so special. Once a year, we make sure that those who put in so much time for the love of the arts at the WOW Hall get their time to shine as well. So next time you’re at a WOW Hall event, be sure to thank a volunteer for all that they do, because without them the music stops.

If you are interested in becoming a WOW Hall volunteer, please contact [email protected].

Photos and video below from our many volunteers who graced us with their talents at the WOW Hall.



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