CCPA Board Members

Allison Carter
I have over 25 years experience in the music business and non-profit arts and it all started on the corner of 8th and Lincoln at this weirdly wonderful historic all-ages dance hall.  I started volunteering for the hall right out of high school and eventually joined the staff as program manager and house manager. My time at the hall gave me the experience and connections that set me on my career path.  I am very honored to serve on the W.O.W. Hall's Board of Directors and to have an opportunity to give back to the hall and community that has given me so much throughout my life professionally and personally. It's an exciting time for the CCPA post covid and it's a joy to be a small part of the hall's continued success as an independent non-profit music venue and invaluable community resource for all!

Lisa Plaxco
My work life began in science and technology (computer science, physics, and chemistry), evolved into institutional investments (on pensions for retired firemen and teachers, university endowments, and others), and concluded in educational certification. My specialty in my last position involved finding consensus through design thinking across a global organization.

Deb Maher (Non-Voting)
I bring a depth of experience in nonprofit management, board governance, project management, leadership development, and coaching. I am a trained Meeting Designer and Facilitator, and I have a long history of developing Public-Private Partnerships. In addition to this, I am certified in a strength-based methodology called Appreciative-Inquiry, and I have a Master's Degree in Public Administration and an MBA. I am excited to be the Executive Director and happy to be working with our talented staff and wonderful supportive board. I love all the highest ideals that have sustained the WOW Hall and bring my whole self to co-creating an amazing future! Oh, and you need to know that despite my serious work ethic, I have a quirky sense of humor.

Debrae Firehawk
I am a Spiritual Counselor, Minister, Energy Worker, Teacher, DJ, Choreographer, Singer, Artist, Activist, and Producer. I feel that Wow Hall is a truely special space that is evolving in exciting new ways to continue its service as a community gathering and educational space. And I joined the Board because I believe that creating diverse and inclusive spaces are an important part of engaging our community’s collective creativity, and wanted to be a part of this creation. My favorite thing to do with my time is to Dance, Sing and make Art… next to walking with and loving up my dogs.

Ed Kashin
My name is Ed Kashin and I am currently serving as Board Chair. My involvement with the Wow Hall is long, having been a volunteer, member, staff, and now as a CCPA Board Member. I have served on several nonprofit and governmental boards in the past. Community service is a very important part of my life. The Wow Hall is an enhancement to to quality of life in our community and my work on the board is toward expanding our offerings and availability to all community members, finding ways to ensure continued financial stability, and protecting the building and historic status.It is truly an honor to serve the Community Center for the Performing Arts.

Jaci Güereña
I have been the director and primary instructor of Sunnyside Herb School for 23 years. I also maintain the medicinal botanical gardens for the school and grow food for my family. I bonded with the WOW Hall 30 years ago because I loved the volunteer program, the community ownership, the history, the programming, and that amazing Hard-Rock Maple floating dance floor! I gained important skills from my time on staff as Volunteer coordinator and House Manager in the 90’s that helped me grow into being an instructor and running my school. I answered the call to serve on the board in 2020 when we were shut down from the pandemic and things were bleak. It has been hard work but I have learned and grown from the experience more than I could have imagined. I look forward to the wonderful opportunity we now have to continue to develop our amazing potential and serve our community. I love to dance, hike, backpack, cook, spend time with family, gather with community, teach, and get my hands in the earth growing and gathering medicinal plants and food.

Linda Dievendorf
My roots w/ the CCPA began in the ‘70’s, moving from Portland w/ my family, coming to the Hall for regional and national concerts, dancing, and political theatre and into the 80’s and 90’s as a professional guiding U of O students booking events at the Hall. Recently, I’ve become aware of the connection to these early years by what is happening now. The hope and vision I had at that time for the future of the Hall is being realized with talented and cooperative fellow board members, our stellar Executive Director and exceptional, dedicated staff. I am truly grateful to be part of this CCPA revival as we focus on expanding, enriching, and diversifying our community, educational and entertainment programming.

Mike Walker
I am the marketing manager for a variety of music venues in Oregon and Washington, perhaps most notably the Crystal Ballroom.  I have enjoyed a music career that springboarded from WOW Hall performances in the late '80s and early '90s, and also spent time  on the CCPA Board and staff during that time. I'm relishing my current stint on the board playing whatever part I can in helping the Hall fulfill the breadth of its mission in a way that ensures long term fiscal stability. 

Sherry Franzen
Before fully retiring in 2018, I was providing in-home care for a fun, elderly woman in Eugene and only left because I moved quite a distance away.  The CCPA, housed in the historic WOW Hall, is a magical collective wherein I was pulled by a staff member in 1992,  leading me to become more involved, including being elected to serve on the Board of Directors several times. I thoroughly enjoy the arts and love to share that appreciation with others.

Thomas Hiura
Hello, I am a hip-hop musician, recording engineer, and aspiring educator in the realm of student support and services. I grew up in Eugene (after moving from Japan as a toddler), and the WOW Hall has been the site of endless treasured memories of mine. I have a BA in American Studies from Carleton College, and I am passionate about podcasting, bicycling, archery, local government, photography, and equity and inclusion. It’s an absolute pleasure to bring whatever I can to the WOW Hall board as Vice Chair.


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