Volunteer With the Hall!


Volunteers make the WOW go round!

Every Aspect of our operation benefits from volunteer energy.

As a nonprofit performing arts venue, we rely on the help of volunteers to make the Community Center for the Performing Arts a success.  Because of the labor donated by our dedicated volunteers we are able to support artists and performers who come to the WOW Hall.   Volunteers support shows by monitoring entrances and exits, checking IDs, supporting the box office, providing office oversight.   Volunteers can earn “comps” to future shows by working volunteer shifts.

"Pure Volunteer" hours defined as other volunteer activities beyond performance support might include outside clean-up, helping in the office, and other activities that can help maintain our historic building.  Once a volunteer has worked 10 pure hours, a volunteer becomes a member of the Community Center for the Performing Arts and has the ability to vote for board members, become a board member, attend the annual membership party, and receive the bi-monthly NOTES, our newspaper.

In addition, we offer students credit for their volunteer work when arranged through the University of Oregon or Lane Community College. Community service assignments can also be completed through our volunteer program.

The WOW Hall/CCPA always needs new volunteers. Get plugged in!


The first step to volunteering is attending Volunteer Orientation.
Volunteer Orientation is held bi-weekly, check our calendar for dates.

If you have a talent or skill to offer, give us a call at 541-687-2746, our office
is open 1:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.  291 W 8th Ave. Eugene, Oregon

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