Raise the Roof!

Help!  We need a new roof. 

We are launching the Raise the Roof Campaign and need your help.   Our goal is to raise $50,000 and if we do this an anonymous donor will contribute another $20,000.

Last winter water poured down the inside wall of the women’s restroom and we had to do an emergency patch.  The roof has been patched numerous times and the time has come for a new roof, we need to protect our primary asset, the precious historic floating dance floor.

You can make your contribution through PayPal, send a check, or call the office and we can take a payment over the phone, and it is tax-deductible!
Donations to the dedicated roof fund do not confer membership in the CCPA.*

Thank you for your contribution.

WOW HALL Raise the Roof Campaign -vertical poster no QR Code

* "Raise the Roof" is a campaign to raise money specifically for the roof replacement. It is separate from donations for membership. If you are not a member of the CCPA, please consider adding a donation on the "Donate and Become a Member" page.

Raise the Roof Donation Form

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