Fulfilling Our MIssion

CCPA frequently collaborates with other organizations in our community to bring new programming, fun, and excitement to the WOW Hall.  We are continuing to develop more engagement and community outreach as we seek to strengthen our role as a cultural hub in Eugene.

Music’s Edge; Rock Camp
We are proud to host Music’s Edge, founded by Tim McLaughlin every summer for the past 15 years.  Tim brings talented musicians from around the country to the WOW Hall to mentor kids at Rock Camp ranging in age from 10 to 17 on how to play in a rock band.  Budding rock stars not only hone their musical talents but also learn how to work together, support each other, and cheer each other on when each band performs on Friday night with all the lighting and sound that professional performers receive.  For more information on how your favorite young person can participate in Rock Camp, check out:


Music's Edge


Fiesta Cultural; City of Eugene and Lane Arts
CCPA is committed to expanding our audiences and this year we will participate with Eugene Cultural Services and Lane Arts to co-create a weekend celebration.  A Latin dance party called Andele will be held at the WOW Hall with participation from a wide range of arts and culture representatives.

Gay Pride Celebrations
We work with Eugene Pride and the HIV Alliance to support the LGBTQIA+ community.  We hosted the first Queer Revue with a line-up of drag performers, comedians, and a DJ dance party. The WOW Hall will host its first Gay Pride After Party following celebrations at the local Alton Baker Park.


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