WOW TALES: Dungeons & Drag Queens

Friday, May 24, 2024


A seated yet very rowdy crowd packed the WOW Hall this evening for a show that definitely takes a detour from our normally music-oriented programming at the venerable, historic WOW Hall. We had many people in attendance dress in their best renaissance fair decor, a few complete with elven ears and other fantasy attire, for a hilarious evening presented by Dungeons & Drag Queens. Our staff and volunteers always so appreciate when our patrons dress for the occasion.

This multimedia and largely improvised performance included a dungeon master who REALLY got into their role voicing multiple characters, guiding three drag queens on a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. To add to the ambiance the group was accompanied by a bard of sorts, musical accompaniment adding nuance to the adventure as they deftly swapped between violin and synthesizer depending on what the moment and mood required. The event depended greatly on crowd interaction, with several people in the front rows added as non-playable characters in the course of the adventure. At one point following a computer glitch that temporarily broke the dungeon master’s computer 20-sided dice roll generator, an audience member who had come prepared for the occasion jumped up and passed to the stage a large 20-sided die to uproarious cheers…have we mentioned enough that WOW Hall patrons are awesome?!?  Because you are!

As would be expected for the setting their D&D adventure went off the rails multiple times. The hilarious highlight of the affair to me was when our brave adventurers were in a lava tube when one of the NPC’s from the audience, a hairdresser named Emily, ingested a mutant centipede after a die roll of 1 by Queen Tina. As Emily the hairdresser was being consumed from within, one queen quickly reacted without bothering to read the fine print by casting a fireball spell and fired it at Emily — intending to kill the centipede — but instead threatening to light the already horribly suffering Emily on fire. Another quick reaction resulted in a 20-roll, successfully manipulating wind to instead cause the fireball to fly upward into the ceiling causing a lave tube cave-in…and a scorching ooze of lava now came down on poor Emily. The third drag queen reacted by casting a clone spell, not realizing it is essentially a pregnancy spell…after a lively discussion about whether or not it is both ethically and physically plausible for Emily to have a clone of herself (and the aforementioned mutant centipede) inside her as she wished for death amidst the internal ingestion and lava burns, the queens instead chose to impregnate a male NPC with Emily’s clone as the best option under the circumstances to let Emily live.

The adventure continued on, with the crowd actively participating in the grand fantasy adventure. Thank you Dungeons & Drag Queens for providing such a fun event, and thank you Eugene for getting into the spirit of this devilishly delightful, absolutely absurd, and hugely hilarious affair. Check out some of the photos from the event and a short highlight video below.

We’ll see you again soon at the WOW Hall!


WOW Hall Marketing Director


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