WOW TALES: Steely Dead

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Steely Dead


A guaranteed draw to the WOW Hall is anything related to the Grateful Dead…I mean, it’s Eugene after all! This band is a double-duty tribute act, performing favorites from both Grateful Dead and Steely Dan.

Before the show one of the band members hung out with some of the WOW Hall staff in the main office just to chat — this doesn’t happen very often pre-show and it was appreciated getting to know the performers. They were about to fly out east after our show for a run of dates in New England, and we had a fun conversation about what to check on the plane for cross-country tours and what to leave behind.

As for the performance, Steely Dead performed two solid sets with no opener. A great crowd turned out as Eugene always does for anything Grateful Dead adjacent, with plenty of tie-dye and dancers enjoying the vibes. The band kicked off their set with a very fun mesh of Grateful Dead and lengthy jam sessions with opportunities for each band member to solo, and the music continued well into the night from there.

Thanks to our always supportive Grateful Deadheads who packed the WOW Hall, and Steely Dead for providing the tunes! We’ll see you again at the WOW Hall soon.

Check out some photos and a video highlight of the show below.



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